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At the heart of GMB College is a commitment to ensure not just the quality of our courses, in that regard we aim to demonstrate the GMB motto in everything we do –EXPERTS IN THE WORLD OF WORK! Our focus is on ensuring that our courses are Relevant and Effective.

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Why Choose
GMB College
Why Choose
GMB College
GMB COLLEGE is a college affiliated to and holds at its core, the vision and purpose of the Labour Movement. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the GMB Trade Union.

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GMB Corporate
Training Packages
GMB Corporate
Training Packages
GMB COLLEGE, founded in 2015, is a fully accredited college providing education and training to QQI level 6 in a wide variety of courses

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Terms & Conditions


All students must provide a valid email address and mobile phone number while enrolled at GMB College. This is the main way we communicate with the student body and it is the student's responsibility to check emails/texts for important updates, cancellations, notifications, results, events, seminars and so on. It is the student’s responsibility to inform GMB College if any of their contact details change.

A Late Payment policy may apply where fees have not been paid prior to course commencement (unless you are on an agreed instalment plan). Failure to pay fees will result in a cancellation of your place on the course and a penalty fee of 10% of the course fee may be charged. Fees are still payable should a student fail to complete the course. Tuition fees, deposits and examination fees are not refundable under any other circumstances.

Procedure for processing of requests for deferrals or refunds; Learner requests a deferral or refund form. Learner completes application requesting a deferral or refund (In the case of a deferral, learner must enclose a 100-euro fee with the deferral application form) Request forms are returned to College. Learners will be informed in writing of the outcome of their request.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds are granted in the following circumstances.
    • If a refund is requested within 14 days of booking a course
    • If a course is cancelled by GMB College
  • Refunds are processed within 30 days upon receipt of the refund form.
  • These T&C's meet the guidelines of the new National Consumer Regulations June 2014.
  • Learners who apply for a refund that do not meet the conditions for a refund but who do meet the conditions of a deferral will be granted a deferral with the appropriate deferral conditions attached.


  • A deferral fee of €100 must be submitted with the application, this fee is refunded if the deferral is not granted. If the fee does not accompany the application, the application will be returned to the sender with a request for the appropriate fee to be included.
  • Learners seeking a deferral must meet one of the following conditions;
    • Unavailability of Course
    • Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances as follows:
      • Serious illness or injury with accompanying medical certificate.
      • Bereavement of close family member to include parents, spouse, siblings or child.
      • Traumatic experience which would include witness or involvement in serious accident, witnessing or being victim of serious crime.
  • Paperwork to accompany the request for a deferral should include medical certificates, death certificate of family member, Garda or psychologists report.
  • You must have paid the full course fee before you can apply for a deferral.
  • Email: