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At the heart of GMB College is a commitment to ensure not just the quality of our courses, in that regard we aim to demonstrate the GMB motto in everything we do –EXPERTS IN THE WORLD OF WORK! Our focus is on ensuring that our courses are Relevant and Effective.

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Why Choose
GMB College
Why Choose
GMB College
GMB COLLEGE is a college affiliated to and holds at its core, the vision and purpose of the Labour Movement. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the GMB Trade Union.

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GMB Corporate
Training Packages
GMB Corporate
Training Packages
GMB COLLEGE, founded in 2015, is a fully accredited college providing education and training to QQI level 6 in a wide variety of courses

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GMB Corporate Training Packages

GMB COLLEGE, founded in 2015, is a fully accredited college providing education and training to QQI level 6 in a wide variety of courses to include: Human Resources, Employment Law, Business Law, Industrial Relations, Conflict Resolution, Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety Representation and Management, Security Industry Certification and ECDL Computer Training as well as a wide number of mandatory certification courses such as Manual Handling, Occupational First Aid, Patient Handling, Safety at work, Safe Pass, HACCP, etc.

The GMB College ethos is to educate the workforce with proven, quality, and accredited programmes in order to improve the prospects of our learners in a growing and evolving workplace, to provide opportunities for learners to progress and/or continue their education so that they have the opportunity to up-skill and/or retrain, to keep their mandatory and regulatory training up to date and to develop new proficiencies.

Our courses target education in safety, health and welfare compliance, employment and business law compliance, best practice in human resources, industrial relations and staff relations competencies. In addition we have designed packages of complimentary certificate courses that cater for the specific mandatory requirement needs of particular industries. For example, we have a “childcare sector package” which combines manual handling, occupational first aid and HACCP, thereby ensuring that the pre-school regulations are satisfied and all the necessary competencies are in place to satisfy insurance requirements.

All of the courses of GMB College are affordable and provided in a flexible programme of classes so that they can be accessed by people who are unemployed, in part time and in full time employment.

Corporate Packages:Entry Level:Middle ManagementCharities:
Manual/Patient HandlingManagementCorporate Governance and Statutory Compliance
HACCPLeadershipCompany Law
Fire Safety TrainingHealth and SafetyCharities Regulator
Occupational First AidHR/IREmployment Law
Health and SafetyHealth & Safety Law
Time Frame4 hours per weekBreakfast SeminarsHeld in your premises
4 weeks total8am - 10am3 Hour session
8am - 12pm1 session per Month from September 29thAfternoon or evenings

The GMB College approach to education is to provide a positive attitude and experience of education for our learners, thereby improving their progress towards higher education awards and/or employment with genuine prospects and sustainability. We also firmly believe that equipping learners with theory is important but they have to be able to apply that learning in practice, so all of our assessment and assignment procedures are centred around immediate application of the skills in the workplace, which is then supported with constructive feedback and refinement.

Mary Seery Kearney is the Academic Director of GMB College and has wide experience lecturing in Employment Law, Business Law, Corporate Governance and Industrial Relations in particular.

Mary is a practising barrister, specialising in Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Law, Equality, Contract, Equity, Procurement and Corporate Governance. Graduating from Trinity College Dublin and Kings Inns in law, psychology and philosophy to masters degree level; she is a legal advisor to a number of organisations that include employers and special interest groups, the trade union movement in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as representing the interests of individuals. Mary has advised and written submissions for the Constitutional Convention as well as acting in a Parliamentary Advisory capacity to a number of Government TDs. Mary has a team of programme managers and tutors with her in GMB College who have at minimum an honours degree standard of education in their area of tutoring and oversight and also have a minimum of three years training experience.

GMB College is located at the heart of Dublin, in Upper Mount Street, where we have a 6,000 sq ft campus with IT state of the art training facilities.

If you are interested in the courses run by GMB College please visit our website at or call us at 01 6624325.